ACUITY LEVEL The acuity level is automatically assigned by the selection of the Chief Complaint.  It can be changed by simply selecting a different level.  This changes the computers guidelines for required documentation only, it does not guarantee a billing level.
QUICK RECORDS Selecting this button will give you a choice of 573 quick records.  These records are like templates for the associated diagnosis and can then be modified to match the exact requirements for each patient.  These templates are set up with predefined normal pertinent positives and pertinent negatives as they relate to a single chief complaint/diagnosis.  The only have to be modified, via the 
edit screen,  in 3 fields ; 1-history of present illness as it relates to the current patient
2-past medical/surgical history.  If the patient has previous archived records then those histories are automatically imported into the current record.
Note: A typical level 3 interaction  an be documented i 30-60 seconds using these quick records.
Note: These quick records can be altered to meet the documentation style of the user, then saved as a personal standard template.  It is recommended that the user familiarize themselves with the Quick record templates available for the top 40 most common chief complaints.  Then they will be able to alter them rapidly real time, or alter them an store them in their personal template archive.  
PRIVATE STANDARDS This selection will guide you to any private standards that have been saved by the user.
DOCUMENT RECORD This selection moves the user through the various screens required to capture the appropriate documentation. This documents from scratch and requires movement through all fields.

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